Gaucho User Experience Design

Full web design can be seen below.



Develop a concept and create a user experience in the form of a mobile application for Airbnb users. The target is to engage the user through the experience and encourage them to book accommodation near the chosen activity in the city. Create an app specific to one geographical region and develop a unique branding and visual identity.


Estancias are cattle ranches in Argentina that offer a multitude of activities for tourists such as traditional barbecues, spa services, horseback riding trails and more. As the activities offered at each estancia differentiates from the next, this app and booking tool was designed with an innovative filter. Users can book their accommodation according to the itinerary they want to experience, or even the horse they want to ride. The visual identity of Gaucho Guide was heavily inspired by the rustic charm of Argentina’s folk hero, the gaucho and beautiful landscapes. The application design is presented as a one-page website to be used as a promotional tool seen below.



User Experience
Art Direction

Digital Design

Concept Development


Gaucho User Experience Web Design